Take 30 | Employee Relaxation & Appreciation
Take 30… Because You Deserve It!

Your company has been through it all this year. You’ve most likely been required to implement temporary lay-offs, remote working, and stressful communications.

Who’s been faced with the most of these issues? Your employees.

As your operation returns to their careers and offices, are your employees ready? Do the individuals that work for your business feel comfortable and relaxed in their office environments?

You can do something about it!

Take 30 was designed to offer premium health and relaxation services for your employees to reduce stress and improve job results and satisfaction.

Our Services

Our team has put together an exclusive selection of relaxing services for your employees to enjoy, including:

  • Beautifying Facials
  • Pain Relieving Foot Soak
  • Pain Relieving Foot
  • Soak & Foot Massage | Premium Service
  • Ionic Foot Bath | Premium Service
  • Chair Massage
  • Complementary Tips on CBD & Easy Food Recipes for Everyday Wellness

Show your employees how much you appreciate every person on your team with premium solutions that are available to be enjoyed in only 30 minutes per service. Our “Take 30” guarantee provides mental and physical benefits to your employees in increments of 30 minutes for quick breaks, that will leave your team feeling their best, ready to take on a hard day’s work.